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Appreciates your time
The content does not need to be uploaded to third-party media.
We'll do it ourselves.
The authorship always remains with the author!
Provides high-quality service
We work only with reliable partners.
We provide legal and accounting support in all countries.
Performs automation
Media Capital is integrated with dozens of video platforms and automatically uploads content on selected topics to them.
Provides round-the-clock support
Each blogger has a personal manager who will tell you about all the nuances of promoting the author's content.
Making content? Make money!
Take another step towards popularity.

For those who want to monetize their video content on the international market and expand their audience beyond YouTube, and do it easily and without costs.

Our service automates the process of video distribution on international video platforms, helping authors earn more and increase the audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is distribution?
  • Distribution is the process of distributing your videos to all platforms that are available to our service. The number of our partners is constantly growing.
What are the content requirements?
  • Content requirements: from 30 thousand views on videos in the last 3 months. Without mentioning 18+ products, profanity, politics and violence. Videos must be provided with HD (1080p) quality in MPEG4 format: a) Video codec: H.264 b) Audio bitrate: 128 Kbit/s or higher c) Audio codec: AAC 2.
  • The better the content, the more it earns!
Where can I withdraw my income?
  • The possibility of withdrawal to the settlement account of an individual entrepreneur / LLC / self-employed in rubles, euros, or dollars. We strongly recommend working in white, paying taxes, and living in peace.
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